"The Forgotten Space"
film essay by Allan Sekula & Noel Burch
The sea is forgotten until disaster strikes. But perhaps the biggest seagoing disaster is the global supply chain, which - maybe in a more fundamental way than financial speculation - leads the world economy in the abyss.

Special Orizzonti Jury Prize at 67th Venice Intl. Film Festival

112' Cinema Documentary
S16 and XDCamEX / Transfer to DCP
USA / China / Holland / France / Spain
Released 2010

Doc.Eye Film, Amsterdam
Frank van Reemst & Joost Verheij
with WILDart Film, Vienna
Ebba Sinzinger & Vincent Lucassen

Co-Cameraman: Wolfgang Thaler
Assistant Camera:
Eugène van den Bosch, Anna Manhardt,
Daron Keet, Gerald Helf
Orininal Sound:
Eckehard Braun, Joe Knauer

Color Grading: Gerhard van der Beek
Lab: Cine Meta digital, Amsterdam
Listo Vienna

   official website: theforgottenspace.net


"An epic view and urgent analysis of the follies of global capitalism, The Forgotten Space is a prime example of essayistic and political cinema. It creates a complex tapestry of powerful images and language."
(Orizzonti Jury)