"Bonneville - The Final Run"
by Hannes Schmid
The story of an incredible journey, driven by enthusiasm and determination, to finally establish what speed an F1 can reach away from the confines of a race track. Now we know...
Two years of preparation by the BAR Honda F1 Team and Alan van der Merwes record attempt at Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway.


90' Cinema Documentary
HD Cam / HDV / 35mm to HD
UK / Shanghai / Monaco / Switzerland / USA
released 2008

Director: Hannes Schmid
for BAR Honda F1 Racing Team
Brackley UK

Produced by Susanne Zoller
Schmid & Zoller Zürich

Camera/Grip/Lighting department:
Seo Murarevic, Collin Colberg,
Rick Tucker, Tony Magaletta,
Tom Gaits, Rickey Churchhouse,
Keith Manning, KT! Eaton

Wescam Operator: Steven Winslow

Arches Helicopter Moab, Heli Linth AG

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